Alentejo’s gastronomy in the city centre

DiscoverOur History

More than a restaurant, “Zé Varunca” is a family project that spans tree generations, that, since 1981, work embodying the soul and flavours of the Alentejo.

It was by his mother influence that José Varunca de Sousa has been connected whit the restaurant and hospitality business, and since then he takes Alentejo beyond its own borders.

His, and “Zé Varunca” are stories of commitment with the respect for the ingredients and the Alentejo “art” of hospitality.

A daily dedication with the gastronomical quality and traditions of Alentejo.

Aflavourful experience


ARegional Heritage

Our history couldn’t start anywhere else but in Alentejo.

We are rooted in Estremoz and in Family. It’s by his mother influence, Maria Josefina Varunca, that José Varunca de Sousa opens the “Restaurante Zé Varunca” in 1981.

Being a cook in one of the emblematic restaurants in Estremoz (the “Águia D’Ouro), Maria Josefina Varunca, awakens in her son a will that would ripple through more of the Varunca’s family generations.

Nowadays, yet another generation woks, alongside its parents, in what has always been a family project.

Ruben and João Sousa are todays headmen of the two “Zé Varunca” restaurants, but always with the helping hands of the original Zé Varunca and Teresa Sousa.