Inaugurated for the first time in 1981 the “Restaurante Zé Varunca” made its mar kit the gastro scene in the city of Estremoz for almost 20 years.

The move to Parede in 2002 marks the will that José Varunca has of bringing Alentejo to an always growing audience. This willingness that José exudes is so well received in Lisbon that it propels the opening of two more restaurants. Firstly, in Oeiras, in 2004, followed by Lisbon in2007.

Nowadays “Zé Varunca” has consolidated its operation in two restaurants, one in Lisbon (Travessa das Mercês) and Oeiras (Rua José Falcão). Clients recognise our quality leaving our restaurants already planning their next visit to these oases where, in clay plates, Alentejo lives and breathes.


It’s by his mother’s influence that José Varunca de Sousa has been working in the hospitality and restaurant business, taking Alentejo beyond its borders, since 1981.

In the 90’s he collaborated with Évora’s tourism region, and the Hunter’s Club of Estremoz, with the intent of propagating, trough Portugal and beyond, Alentejo’s flavours.

Today, it’s in the restaurants “Zé Varunca”, that Alentejo lives beyond its physical borders.

From the traditional tableware and decorations to the respect for the ingredients and secular gastro traditions, our restaurants are little pieces of Alentejo living in Oeiras and Lisbon waiting your visit.


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